- OSAKA INNOVATION HUB Seed Acceleration Program 10 (OSAP 10) ,hosted by Osaka city

 - Startup program for Post coronavirus age, sponsored by Hyogo Economic Development Center and Hyogo pref.


"NinjaFoods(TM)" are made from KONJAC, which is traditional plant based gelatin and inspired by beautiful Japanese culture.

NinjaFoods provides happy eating in spite of low calorie, low sugar and rich dietary fiber.

We are trying to get over global health issues, like diabetes and obesity, with NinjaFoods technology.

NinjaPaste - made of KONJAC, traditional plant based gelatin.

Our core technology "NinjaPaste" is made of konjac, traditional plant based gelation in Japan.
That is Zero sugar, ultra low calorie, rich dietary fiber and of course animal-free.

KONJAC is very common health food in Japan.


It is said that traditional konjac came to Japan from China over 1,000 years ago.

It was originally introduced as medicine, or the oldest plant-based meat for Buddhists.

Nowadays Japanese people eat about 2 kg of KONJAC per year on average.

Even though it has excellent health benefits, the uses of regular konjac are very limited because its strong gel structure prevents it from mixing with other ingredients and its gray color doesn't make us hungry.

NinjaPaste is just paste.

That’s easy to assimilate with other food ingredients. You can make various health foods by your own.


We promote open innovation with other food companies using NinjaFoods and NinjaPaste.